Since 1841, Aker has played an instrumental role in the development of knowledge-based industry in Norway. Close collaboration between owners, management, unions and academic institutions has been a red thread throughout the company’s history. 

For 175 years Aker has created products, technology and services in a high-cost country. This would not have been possible without Norway´s natural resources, an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and a highly-skilled workforce. Investment in knowledge is key to shape tomorrow's society.

Aker Scholarship grants are financed by Anne Grete Eidsvig and Kjell Inge Røkke´s Foundation for Education.  

The purpose of the Aker Scholarship is to offer highly-qualified candidates, with a strong link to Norway, an opportunity to pursue an advanced degree at one of the world´s leading universities, and to support the development of the scholar’s social commitment.

Aker ASA contributes to the administration of the Aker Scholarship scheme.