Aker Scholars 2017


Adrian Dahl Askelund

MPhil Medical Science (Psychiatry) at University of Cambridge

Adrian comes from Nesodden. He will soon finish the Clinical Programme in Psychology at the University of Oslo. While studying he has been involved in several research projects. In Cambridge, he works on research on positive memories and how they can protect against stress and depression development among young people.


Aisha Lovise Maud Bornø

MPhil History of Art and Architecture at University of Cambridge

Aisha comes from Harstad. She has a Bachelor from Wellesley College.  In Cambridge she studies for a Master in Art History. Currently she works with transnationalism, specialising in Norwegian modern art and how it responded to international impulses and movements. Her master's thesis addresses the connection between Emanuel Vigeland's overseas stay and how this influenced his form and expression. Subsequently she also plans to take a PhD in art history at Cambridge.



Anders Smedsrud

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Oxford

Anders is from Oslo. He has a Bachelor in Business and History from Columbia University. After his studies he worked for 3 years in finance in London and New York. In his MBA studies in Oxford he particularly wanted to learn more about impact investment, where the goal is to create profit for both the economy and community. Anders has been a competitive rower for many years , winning both 4 Norwegian Championships and the US National Championship. He is the most merited rower at Columbia through history.


Andreas Svela

PhD Quantum Engineering ved Imperial College London
MSc Quantum Engineering at Imperial College London

Andreas is from Oslo. He has a Bachelor in Physics and Mathematics from NTNU in Trondheim, where ha also was very engaged in voluntary work. He is studying applications of quantum physics in new technology. He finished his Masters in 2018, and has now doing a PhD.


Carl Axel Folkestad

PhD Control and Dynamical Systems at California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Carl is from Oslo. He has a Master in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU in Trondheim. At NTNU he was in charge of a group that developed an electric racing car. At Caltech he is working in a group aiming to develop flying, autonomous cars.


Christian Marinelli Johansen

PhD Chemistry at California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Christian is from Oslo. He has a Bachelor in Natural sciences with a specialisation in Chemistry from University of Cambridge. At Caltech he is studying for a PhD in Inorganic chemistry.  In his spare time he is very engaged in organisations working with climate and environmental issues. He wishes to contribute to developing better solar panels and battery technology.


Elin Danielsen Huckerby

PhD English (Criticism and Culture) at University of Cambridge

Elin is from Lindås near Bergen. She has a Master in Telematics from NTNU in Trondheim, but later followed her passion for literature taking a Bachelor and Master in Literature at the University of Bergen. Elin has brought her husband and two small children to Cambridge. There she does research on the American philosopher Richard Rorty's use of literature, focusing on literature as part of philosophical thinking, and the usefulness of literature for individuals self-understanding, ethics, and society.


Ellen Tveteraas

MPhil International Relations at University of Oxford

Ellen is from Kvitsøy in Rogaland. After high-school she traveled to the Middle East to learn Arabic.  She has studied at Tel Aviv University and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. In Oxford she wants to explore how armed non-state actors influence the development of international law.


Emily Ryen Gloinson

MPhil International Relations and Politics at University of Cambridge

Emily is from Oslo. She did her International Baccalaureat (IB) at UWC Adriatic, and she has a Bachelor in Politics and International studies from the University of Warwick. She has been a trainee at the Norwegian delegation for UN organisations in Rome. At Cambridge, Emily focuses on development and international security in East Africa, concentrating on children's post-war experience in northern Uganda. Emily has a strong social commitment and is engaged in Doctors without Borders.


Erlend Owesen

PhD History and Philosophy of Science at University of Cambridge

Erlend is from Oslo and has a Bachelor in Philosophy from the University of Bergen and a Master in Philosophy from Cambridge. In his PhD he wants to contribute in clarifying the relationship between brain activity and psychological phenomenons. As an example, he is investigating whether it makes sense to say that the brain sees, thinks and feels, or that visual impressions, feelings and thoughts are localized in the brain. 

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Frida Bowe

MPhil Politics (European Politics and Society) at University of Oxford

Frida is from Oslo. She has a Bachelor (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology from Trinity College in Dublin (including one year on exchange to University of Notre Dame in the US). Frida is interested in how economical and political integration have contributed to the peace process in Northern Ireland and other conflict areas in Europe.


Fridtjof Lyse Falk

Master Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University

Fridtjof is from Bergen. He has a Bachelor from Sciences Po in Paris, where he also went on exchange to  Emory University in Atlanta. At Harvard he is focusing on Iran and Persian, and he wants to contribute to improving the relationship between Iran and the West. 


Gunnar Sveinsson

PhD Mathematics at University of Pennsylvania

Gunnar was born in Iceland, but grew up in Sandnes outside Stavanger. He has a Master in Mathematics from NTNU in Trondheim. In his PhD at Penn he wants to contribute to developing new types of cryptography.


Haakon Fossum Sagbakken

MPhil Russian and East European Studies at University of Oxford

Haakon is from Oslo. He did his International Baccalaureate (IB) at UWC in Singapore, and has a Bachelor from Brown University. He has worked 6 months as an intern for Norway´s delegation to the UN in New York. In Oxford he will, among other things, be learning Russian.



Hallvard Sandven

DPhil Politics at University of Oxford

Hallvard is from Oslo and has a Bachelor in Philosophy and Politics from University of Bristol, a Master in Philosophy from University of Oslo and a research-based Master in Political Theory from Oxford. In his PhD in Oxford he is working with theories about the state and collective self-determination, with a special focus on questions related to immigration.


Ingrid Lager Gotaas

PhD, Neuroscience at University of Cambridge

Ingrid is from Tromsø. She has a Bachelor (Hons) in Neuroscience from University College Cork in Ireland. In her PhD, Ingrid is investigating a family of proteins with roles in processes in brain cells that remove and recycle cell parts and proteins. These proteins might be able to help fight Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. Her PhD is part of a Medical Research Council (MRC) program at the University of Cambridge.



Ingrid Dobloug Roede

Master of Science Architecture Studies (History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art) at MIT

Ingrid is from Oslo. She has a Master in Architecture from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). She has worked as an architect before going to MIT. There she focuses on history, theory and criticism of architecture and art. She has a particular interest in integration of preservation of old buildings in new developments.


Kai Roger Smith Hove

MRes (Master of Research) Drug Discovery and Development at Imperial College London

Kai is from Arendal. He has a Bachelor in Biochemistry from The University of Manchester, with focus on infection, immunology and protein chemistry. As part of his studies he worked one year with clinical development of new medicines against flu and malaria in GSK. Kai wants to work with development of new medicines.


Karoline van Gemst

MSc Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London

Karoline is from Porsgrunn. She initially studied to become a professional dancer in Stockholm, but then made a "small adjustment" and did a Bachelor in Mathematical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. At Imperial College she is doing a Master in Pure Mathematics, focusing on geometry. She is particularly interested in the interaction between algebraic and differential geometry and how it can be used to answer open questions within fundamental physics.



Petter Stene Pettersen

MSc Advanced Computing at Imperial College London

Petter is from Bergen.  He has a Bachelor in Computer Science from Queen Mary University in London. At Imperial, Petter is especially interested in learning more about Machine Learning and Robotics. He plays basketball, and have played on teams at Queen Mary and Imperial.


Tellef Solbakk Raabe

MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Media and Culture) at University of Cambridge

Tellef is from Ålesund. He has two Bachelor degrees from the University of Bergen, one in Media Studies and one in Organisational Psychology. Alongside studying Tellef is a musician, and he recently released an album. In Cambridge he is investigating Norwegian newspaper commentators power and influence in Norwegian politics



Vira Dhaliwal

PhD Mechanical Engineering (MechE) at Massachussets Institute of Technology

Vira is of Norwegian and Malaysian-Indian origin, and is from Nittedal. He has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from University of Memphis, a Master in Aerospace Engineering from University of Michigan and a Research Master in Fluid Mechanics from von Karman Institute in Brussels. His research at MIT is looking at the physics of droplet infection in the spreading of infectious diseases.


Øyvind Lossius Borthne

PhD Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge

Øyvind is from Oslo. He has a Master in Mathematics and Physics from Imperial College followed by Part III in Cambridge. In his PhD Øyvind is looking at the consequences of breaking time-reversal symmetry in statistical physics. The motivation for this is to examine whether physics can explain the processes of evolution in nature.

Banner Photo and Profile Photos: Kim Ramberghaug